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受GitHub项目 Awesome Windows 启发


  1. 特性精选
  2. 无侵入式广告。存在非侵入式广告的,软件本身应当免费。若用户要求付费,则不应存在任何广告
  3. 尊重隐私:此处定义为:除非出于你或法律要求,否则该应用或应用提供商不会与任何第三方分享你的隐私信息
  4. 维护良好。若应用不再维护,则从此处移除
  5. 易于学习掌握:只要了解计算机基础操作即可完全掌握,需要简单学习的应有较高回报
  6. 完全兼容Windows 7/8.1/10 (极个别应用以具体说明为准)


  1. 修改版或破解版,例如 无广告版,它们可能体验良好
  2. 受地区限制应用,如NPR One、拼音输入法等
  3. 仅与32位系统、XP或更旧Windows兼容



本项目使用GNU GPL v2.0协议,转载请声明GitBook项目地址来源

更多详情参阅此处;当前编辑进程请移步此处 ,也可查看已完成计划







多语言支持:至少支持 世界上几种使用较多较广的语言

  • 仅支持单一或者少数语种的以国旗或地区旗帜标注


  1. 存在争议的应用,应用信誉尚不确切
  2. 长期无更新的应用,不确定维护情况

Windows Apps That Amaze Us

build apps count license telegram Issues

Inspired by GitHub repo Awesome Windows

This is to introduce amazing works done onto Windows. All apps collected in this book will be:

  1. greatly featured.
  2. invasive ads free. But if there is non-invasive ads, this apps should be completely free itself. If users are required to pay, there should NOT be any ads.
  3. privacy respecting: here I mean this app or app provider will NEVER share private info with any 3rd party unless you ask for it or under legal requirements.
  4. actively maintained. If it stops being maintained, it will be removed from here.
  5. easy to learn throughout.
  6. Compitable with Windows 7/8.1/10 (see detailed description for some very individual apps)

Note: these following appps will NOT be listed although may deserve a try:

  1. fixed or cracked versions, e.g. ads-peeling versions, which can feel cool.
  2. strict regional purpose, e.g. NPR One Desktop, Pinyin Input, etc.
  3. compitable only with 32-bit OS, XP or older.

Many apps can be sorted in multiple categlory so here main design purpose is considered.

There is a black list at the end in which apps violate users profit and privacy severely so that you should aviod them.

This project is under GNU GPL v2.0, claim GitBook address if you are to quote this.

Click here for more details; Or maybe check out current plans or works done.

Read it online>>>>


Marking Logos

use it for free (there can be an advanced paid version)

open source

portable itself or portable installation provided: it saves config files in its own folder instead of Registry key or user profile folder.

Multi-platform versions available

Multilanguage support: at least serveral major languages

  • A national or regional flag is marked if only one or a few languages are supported


  1. Controversial as unclear app reputation.
  2. Apps without update for a certain period but unclear if it is abandoned.

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